TRiO Testimonial on the SSS Scholarship

My name is Charline Abraham. I graduated with a Biology major at Rutgers Camden. I became a part of the TRiO Student Services in 2013 when I transferred. Trio has helped me tremendously over the years. My grades and study habits have improved. I have done more than 60 hours of tutoring and also many different volunteer work. Being in TRiO has helped maintain my consistency in school and everyday life. I’ve become more motivated than ever. I was  awarded the TRiO Summer grant, which helped me further my education and set me on the path to graduate May 2016. I was also awarded a scholarship to study abroad Spring 2016. Being a TRiO Student has really benefited me in many ways than I could not have imagined. The checkins from my advisor has made me realized that they do care about my success and want to see me prosper. I am very grateful to be apart of the TRiO family because doing those benchmarks actually helped me become the student that I am today. Everything I have learned, I will definitely take with me, whether it is furthering my education after graduation or being in a workplace.