Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentors are committed student leaders who understand the mission of TRiO SSS, and relay the TRiO SSS mission to their mentees.  Mentors must build strong peer connections by fostering a welcoming cultural environment for first year and transfer students at Rutgers Camden.
Mentor Services
Mentors will LINK UP with mentee (s) at least 6 times throughout the semester. They encourage mentees to become socially involved on campus and set weekly goals and action steps with mentees. Mentors also address personal and academic challenges with mentees and work on class assignments, catch up on readings, and review study materials  with mentees. Mentors socialize and connect mentees to resources across campus and enforce the TRiO F.A.C.T.S. (*revised set of benchmarks) to their Mentees to promote program compliance and academic success.
Benefits of Mentoring
The benefits of being a LINK UP Mentor are multifold. Mentors receive an opportunity to assist new students in making a positive transition to Rutgers Camden, develop and improve their organizational and leadership skills, receive Work study compensation (If qualified), and receive letters of recommendation, awards, and recognition.
LINK UP Mentor Testimonies
“Peer mentoring has allowed me to grow in both a personal and academic level, giving me the opportunity to break out of my introvert ball and be more conversational to people around me. Also, I like being a model for students and giving advice like how to be more organized and join more clubs.”
-Gilberto Caceres
“I learned the value of keeping first-year students informed in order for them to remain engaged academically and socially. Taking on the "big sister" role for two freshman ladies was such an incredibly rewarding experience because it gave me the chance to share my knowledge from my years in college and provide them with guidance needed to succeed in all aspects!”
-Jennifer Koffie
“Peer mentoring has been a way for me to give back and connect to others like myself who are first generation college students. I have been a resource and role model to others which is a very rewarding feeling.”
-Amber Davis
LINK UP Mentor Qualification Requirements
A Peer Mentor should be knowledgeable of the college community, personable, flexible and considerate of the needs of a new student. Mentors must be committed and sensitive to the needs of the mentoring program and the TRiO SSS students. Mentors must also have completed at least 24 credits at Rutgers Camden, and be on good academic standing with at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA).
How to Become a LINK UP Peer Mentor

  • Submit an application to the Peer Mentor Coordinator
  • Set up an interview with Peer Mentor Coordinator
  • Attend Peer Mentor Orientation

How to request a LINK UP Peer Mentor


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