Peer Mentor Program

TRiO Student Support Services recruits peer mentors who are student leaders committed to serving new first-year and transfer students!  Mentors are expected to build strong peer connections with their mentees, and foster a welcoming environment for new first year and transfer students at Rutgers University Camden.  Mentors are role models who can provide formulas for college success that work based on their experience (Collier, 2015).  Mentors will represent and relay the mission of TRiO SSS to mentees.

Mentoring provides valuable work experience for people interested in the following careers: Management, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Childhood Studies, Teaching, and any other related careers that involve mentoring, coaching, teaching, and advising.
Benefits of Mentoring

  • Receive an opportunity to assist new students in making a positive transition to Rutgers Camden    
  • Service to the university    
  • Develop and improve organizational and leadership skills    
  • Receive Work study compensation (If qualified)    
  • Letters of recommendation    
  • Awards and recognition    

Qualifications of a Mentor

  • Knowledgeable of the college community    
  • Personable, flexible and considerate of the needs of a new student    
  • Committed and sensitive to the needs of the mentoring program    
  • Accomplished at least 24 credit hours    
  • Accomplished at least a 2.5  cumulative grade point average (GPA)


  • First Year students in the Peer Mentor Program will be 5% more likely to return for a second year compared to previous TRiO cohorts not involved in a peer mentor program
  • First Year students will report a stronger sense of belonging to the TRiO program compared to students not mentored
  • First Year students will report greater knowledge of finding and navigating resources and bureaucracies on campus compared to students not mentored
  • First Year students will report accomplishing 1 set academic goal for the semester
  • Mentors and Mentees will engage in contemplative practice activities to foster deep reflection and personal growth

LINK UP Mentor Testimonies
“Peer mentoring has allowed me to grow in both a personal and academic level, giving me the opportunity to break out of my introvert ball and be more conversational to people around me. Also, I like being a model for students and giving advice like how to be more organized and join more clubs.”
-Gilberto Caceres
“I learned the value of keeping first-year students informed in order for them to remain engaged academically and socially. Taking on the "big sister" role for two freshman ladies was such an incredibly rewarding experience because it gave me the chance to share my knowledge from my years in college and provide them with guidance needed to succeed in all aspects!”
-Jennifer Koffie
“Peer mentoring has been a way for me to give back and connect to others like myself who are first generation college students. I have been a resource and role model to others which is a very rewarding feeling.”
-Amber Davis
Meet the Mentors of 2018
Kelly Kennedy (Transfer Student)
Major: Health Sciences
Class of 2019
Hobbies: Attending live-theater musicals such as Broadway. 
Goals: To advocate for changing societal structures to benefit everyone.
Johnasia McCrea
Major: Psychology and Health Science
Class of 2020
Hobbies: Leading student clubs and organizations. 
Goals: Coordinating and building the first textbook lending library for first generation students.
Jaqueline Ortega
Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice
Minor: Latin American Studies
Class of 2020
Hobbies: Eating, napping, shopping, traveling, and watching Netflix.
Goals: I aspire to attend law school and work with immigration cases.
Melissa Velez (Transfer Student)
Major: Social Work
Class of 2018
Hobbies: Helping people, watching movies, playing games.
Goals: I plan to go for my MPA Fall 2019, I want to change policies that will benefit children and youth.
Grace Hawkins (Transfer Student)
Major: Psychology
Minor: Urban Study
Class of 2018
Hobbies: Skating, traveling, finding new places to eat, and learning new things.
Goals: To operate my own Christian centered organization to support young women from urban communities who lack knowledge of resources they can benefit from as young mothers.
Christopher Simmons (Transfer Student)
Major: Social Work
Class of 2019
Hobbies: DJing, going out, and binge watching tv on hulu and netflix.
Goals: To earn a masters and clinical licensure.
Sabria Thompson
Major: Health Sciences
Class of 2019
Hobbies: Singing, cooking/eating, traveling, learning, watching movies, scrap booking
Goals: To become a Pediatrician.
Antonio Williams
Major: Psychology and Economics
Class of 2019
Hobbies: Reading, community service, and being involved on campus.
Goals: To earn a doctorate, become a practicing clinical psychologist, and own property.
Meet the Ambassadors
Yeilyne Rodriguez
Major: Marketing
Class of 2019
Hobbies: Reading, Fundraising, and Volunteering.
Janelly Santos
Major: Psychology
Class of 2021
Hobbies: Multimedia Art and Design
How to Become a LINK UP Peer Mentor

  • Submit an application to the Peer Mentor Coordinator
  • Set up an interview with Peer Mentor Coordinator
  • Attend Peer Mentor Orientation

How to request a LINK UP Peer Mentor

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