Stats on Program Success

TriO Student Support Services Receives $220,000 U.S. Department of Education Grant

SSS Project Objectives and Outcomes for Program

Funded to Serve Ratio
160  Funded to serve
160  Served
Outcome: 100%

Eligibility Criteria
66%  At least two-thirds of the participants served during the project should be low-income and first-generation, students with disabilities, or students with disabilities who are low-income. Outcome: 79%

Disability Criteria
33%  If project served students with disabilities, at least one-third of those students are low-income. Outcome: 91%

Persistence Rate (4 year college)
80%  all project participants served by the SSS Project will persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year or graduate and/or transfer from a 2-year to a 4-year institution during the academic year. Outcome: 91%

Good Academic Standing Rate
75%  of all project participants served by the SSS Project will meet the performance level required to stay in good academic standing at the grantee institution.Outcome: 93%

Bachelor's Degree Attainment Rate (for 4-year institutions only)
50%  of new participants served each year will graduate within six (6) years. Outcome: 57%

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