Testimonials from TRiO SSS Graduates

“What TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Has Meant to Me”

“The TRiO SSS staff supported and encouraged me to reach for the stars. Ultimately, the financial support that was provided, allowed me to complete my education in a timely manner as well as relieve the stressors of a financial burden.  I am thankful for the experience of belonging to a special educationally supportive group."

“Their staff has been very supportive, and always asked me if I needed help with anything.  They also recommended tutoring to me when I believed I did not need it, but it actually helped me review things I did not quite understand and practice the things I did.”

 “TRiO has supported me emotionally and financially.  I was able to take summer courses, because I was funded through this program, and the staff has helped me overcome some of my trials.  I truly appreciate this program, and encourage other students to get involved."

“TRiO is the reason I graduated from college.  The support it offers students is one of a kind.  It is more than an educational support system; it is like a family whom you can rely on during those hardest moments.”

Featured Stories of TRiO Participants