A Rutgers staff-person sits at a desk with a computer, wearing a headset, ready to assist students with TRiO questions and concerns.

Academic Coaching & Educational Planning

TRiO SSS offers holistic academic counseling and guidance to its participants. Each student is assigned a SSS Counselor to work 1:1 with them. The SSS counselor is responsible for providing comprehensive personal, academic, career, and financial advising to SSS students and developing a four-year structured academic plan with them. TRiO participants are required to meet with their SSS counselor at least 3 times per semester.

TRiO Support Services

Funds will be awarded to participants receiving the Pell Grant, have completed less than 60-credits, and are active in the program. If funding is available, students who meet the initial criteria but have completed more than 60 credits and are at high risk of dropping out will be considered for SSS Grant Aid funding. Eligible participants will receive funds based upon their unmet need and to minimize student loan debt. Applications for the Grant Aid will be sent to SSS participants after RUC has distributed semester term bills.